Terms & Conditions

Payment Options:

Residential Water Delivery:

Paying By Invoice:

Payment is due within 7 days from date of invoice,unless agreed in writing.

By ordering water deliveries you agree that if payment is not made in full by due date you will pay a 5% admin fee, 20% interest pa calculated on a daily basis on the outstanding balance owed from date payment was due to date of payment in full, and Waitakere Transport’s actual costs of collection of payment.

Commercial customers:

Agreement prior to purchase. Invoices emailed weekly and payment as per contractual arrangement.

All prices include GST.


If there are any issues regarding access please inform number1water in advance. By booking with number1 water you are confirming that you have checked that your water tank is accessible.

Our drivers are professional and will take all care to protect your property however, we will not be held responsible due to damage caused by any undisclosed issues.

Possible issues could be:

Trees: We require a minimum access way of 3m x 3m clear on the driveway.

Cars: Need to be clear of access and turnaround areas.

Dogs: Need to be secured.

Gates: If the gate has an access code, this needs to be provided beforehand, or a designated person must meet the driver onsite to allow access.

Septic or underground infrastructure that could be damaged by the truck crossing over it.

For any other possible issues, please contact us by phone to discuss.

If delivery cannot be made due to any of the above, you will incur the full delivery cost less the cost of the water.

Please read your delivery docket for MOH advice on tank water safety.


Any cancellation or postponement must be received by 8am on the day of delivery in writing by either text message (021940116) or email(www.number1water.co.nz).

Failure to notify will incur full delivery cost of the load less the value of the water (be aware that the water itself is a minor component of the actual cost).

Delivery times:

Number1water endeavours to deliver at agreed time on booking, however during the busy summer season delivery times can be affected by wait times at filling stations, unscheduled closures of filling stations, heavy traffic etc. The driver will text on the day of delivery to confirm the time closer to actual delivery time. If you have any queries at any time, don’t hesitate to call Earl on 021940116.


Personal information relating to this website is held securely and will not be disclosed to any person or organisation.

Number1water is committed to protecting the privacy of all our customers.

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